Student Ambassador Spotlight: Charlotte Frankl, Hertfordshire

Girl in garden with black hat and black sunglasses

Hi! My name is Charlotte, I’m 16 and I’m an A level student studying Art, Computer Science and Psychology. As well as this, I am a brand ambassador for MyPocketSkill. 

What is a brand ambassador? I hear you ask..?

We are responsible for the promotion of the company. Here at MyPocketSkill we are heavily involved in social media campaigns and spreading the word about our platform. This includes creating posters, videos, photos and recruiting new people to join the network. MyPocketSkill is an innovative company aimed at helping both teens and parents. For teens it provides easy ways to earn money while studying and for adults it allows them to find capable teens to carry out tasks such as tutoring. During COVID-19 MyPocketSkill launched its £5 for 45 campaign allowing teens to engage in activities with other children around the UK. It has allowed teens to make some extra pocket money carrying out online tutoring which has been so helpful and given many teens a new focus during lockdown. I have been a part of this scheme and have taught art lessons to young children which has been a really enjoyable experience. 

I have learnt so much while working as a brand ambassador at MyPocketSkill. It has given me insights into how a company works and how important promotion, lay-out and design is when creating a business. I have learnt how to deal with finances as well as gaining training and help from the team Clova, Zara and Ciara. Thank you so much MyPocketSkill!!