Mid/Senior Developer - Python(Django) / JavaScript (React/Vue)

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We have recently launched a new version of our digital platform and to aid our next phase of product development and growth, we are looking to bring an additional developer to grow our engineering function. We are looking for a mid to senior-level hire to join our experienced full-stack developer, for a full-time role, to complement our driven, passionate (and fun) team and impactful organisation.

  • Preferably based in Sussex, London or Hertfordshire
  • Flexible working, with remote working during and after lockdown.
  • Modern start-up culture

We pride ourselves on having a relatively simple, easy to develop against stack. We prioritize using well documented, bug free frameworks and services. We ensure fast rebuild/reload times for developer happiness.


You will need to have had a minimum of 2+ years experience in our core development tools (see below)

Good technical qualification and training

Ideally coming from a role in a startup / agency with full-stack / lead responsibility.


Working with us means working directly with major payment processors and banking rails and shaping the future of our product. You’ll be dealing with financial transactions from a wide range of payment methods. You’ll work with Python, Javascript and AWS. We’re looking for you to join so you can help scale out our architecture for lots of different payment sources and transaction flows.

You’ll be working on a project where everything is hosted in AWS and we have a lightweight automated deployment process. You’ll work alongside a very small team, meaning you’ll have loads of responsibility and will make a huge impact on our architecture processes.

The work will be challenging, but fun; you’ll work at the cutting edge of payment processing systems and learn a huge amount.


Good competencies in our bread & butter tools. These are a "must have":

  • Python
  • Django or Flask
  • JavaScript with exposure to a modern framework (React/Vue most likely)
  • API development experience

We would also consider applicants who have a good all-round knowledge but deeper front-end experience.


  • AWS/Digital Ocean/Dev ops experience
  • Relational database experience
  • Startup experience
  • Some kind of side project, open-source contribution, technical blog, etc

Contact MyPocketSkill at [email protected]