How it works

Welcome to MyPocketSkill!

Here we’ll explain the best way to get the most out of MyPocketSkill, whether you’re a young person looking for paid opportunities, or a business or household looking for some help from a young person.

For Young People

How To Connect To Paid Tasks

It’s easy to sign up and make a profile on MyPocketSkill. You can list all the tasks you are interested in, and don’t forget to add a smiley profile photo which always helps! :)

Try to reply quickly to any messages you receive on the platform, this will help you plan the times and days for your sessions in advance, and help you to maximise your opportunities to earn money.

Using Zoom for Online Sessions

Zoom is a handy platform for online sessions - it’s free and easy to use. If your client (i.e the parents of the child you are tutoring) would prefer to use a different application eg Google Hangouts that’s fine too.

With Zoom, the clients do not need to have an account to attend a video meeting. However you, the young person, will need to have an account to provide a link to the video meeting to the household or business. To do this:

- Google “zoom video call”

- Create an account with your email and password

- Under “Personal” click into “Meetings” and “Schedule a Meeting”

- The website/app will prompt you to include participants emails and provide a dial-in number

Getting Started With Your Sessions

Tasks on MyPocketSkill are a great way to earn money, but are also a great way to meet new people. Spend some time introducing yourself on the video call, and getting to know your client. Even after your first meeting, it’s always nice to check in at the start of a lesson, give an overview of what you’re going to do, and reflect on what’s been done so far. Setting some small goals for each session is a great way to keep focused and stay within your agreed time slot. It’s also helpful to send an update or follow-up after the task too.

Managing Payments

To make sure you get paid, you will need to connect your account to MyPocketSkill platform by doing the following:

  • Point to your profile
  • Settings
  • Add payments
  • Insert bank account details.

Note: this needs to be parent's details and account info if you are currently under 18.

To learn more about our Levelling Up payment system for teens, click here.

For households and businesses:

Find the Right Teen For You

The easiest way to find a suitable teenis to login to MyPocketSkill and search through the available listings. You should quickly be able to find a capable young person who is listing the skills that you require. You can filter our listings by task type or search for a specific skills (e.g. "dance" or "chemistry").

Book a Capable Young Person

Once you have found the right person for you, it’s simple to book them. Just click on the "Request Task" button. You can make a booking immediately and add a message to your booking, for example with a requested date and time. Don't worry if you need to change or cancel this later - no money transfers at this stage, it is just reserves your slot.

Funds are safely held by our payment provider and it is transferred to the young person only when you mark the task as complete at the end.

Arranging the Session

We ask that all households and businesses use our messaging service to communicate with the young person about the session (time, date, video call links etc.). This helps us keep them safe as well as providing transparency in case of disputes.

Participating in the Session

It is common for parents/carers to help in setting up the online session for a child and often to stick around for the first few minutes, to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Some parents choose to stay for the whole session. You’re welcome to do whatever you’re comfortable with!

Payment and Rebooking

At the end of the session you will be asked to mark the task as complete and this will trigger the payment to be transferred. It's simple at this point to rebook by going back into the original listing. We encourage you to provide a review at the end of the session to help our young people to build their reputation on the site.

To learn more about our Levelling Up payment system for teens, click here.

Any questions? Email us on:

[email protected]