Levelling Up

We operate a Levelling Up system to make sure young people, households and businesses get the most from our platform.

What does this mean for young people?

Our levelling system rates the teens based on their track record with MyPocketSkill and gives that young person a chance to earn more money. Young people can successfully Level Up all the way to Free Level where a teen can name their own price.

Young people aged 18 and over start off on Level 2, in keeping with all regulations including minimum wage.

University students will automatically start at Level 4 as a teen tutor. To start at this level, add your university email address to your profile here.

What does this mean for households and businesses?

The Levelling Up system gives peace of mind that tasks will be carried out by a skilled young person and also offers Loyalty Rewards to the household or business - if you hire a young person from a low level, you will still pay their original price after they Level Up.

What prices correlate with each level?

Prices differ depending on the task category. The following table outlines the prices offered depending on level.

Levelling up prices

Teen tutoring tasks include: music coaching, dance coaching, tutoring/homework help, and sports coaching.

Digital teen tasks include: business/admin, I.T. and digital design, photography, research and social media.

Active teen tasks include: delivery round, dog walking, hospitality, outdoors, party and events help, pet sitting, and retail.

Babysitting/childcare: babysitting/childcare.

Pet sitting: pet care.

Other tasks include: miscellaneous tasks.