FAQ's for Young People

  1. What safety measures are there that MyPocketSkill takes to make it a safe environment?

The safety of users of MyPocketSkill is our primary concern.  It's our intention to ensure that anyone providing or receiving services arranged through this site does so in a way which protects the safety of all those involved, particularly children and young adults.  To make sure your experience with the site is rewarding, we've built a range of features which will help deliver you peace of mind: our content is reviewed by humans (not algorithms or robots), users can report inappropriate content or behaviours and the site is monitored by MyPocketSkill staff, we include links to educational resources and helplines for users to voice concerns. We also expect parents/carers to be actively involved in the site. We are implementing steps to verify users automatically [because the site is growing, we currently check-out and on-board new users on an individual basis] and we encourage our users to seek and give feedback on any tasks completed.  We also have guidelines for acting responsibly on the site and for staying safe online.  You can read more about our approach to safety and trust here

2. What fees do you charge?

The site is currently free to join and it’s also free to place listings. We try to keep our service as affordable as possible but we do need to charge to cover the costs of running the platform.

We charge young people a fee of 3% per transaction.  This equates to 30p for a £10 transaction.

​3. Can anyone join MyPocketSkill?

Yes! Anyone can join.  However, for safety reasons, we do insist that all new joiners are validated and verified by the site’s admin.  

4. What do I do if the task I have is not listed?

You can list the task under the section “other”.  You can also email us and we may be able to create a task category to accommodate your listing.

5. Is it safe for a teenager to be meeting people online?

We’ve been developing the site in accordance with the very latest guidance on online safety. In addition we have introduced a number measures, such as clear Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, Safeguarding Policy and Top Tips on staying safe online.  We also cover aspects of online safety when we onboard new joiners.  

​6. How do I improve my chances of being booked for a task?

By creating a comprehensive profile, providing references and citing earlier experience of doing a task or a relevant skill, we believe you are improving your chances of being booked for a task.

7. What can I charge for the task?

As our young people acquire and demonstrate experience they progress to higher levels where they are able to charge more. 

8. I am under 13 years old. Can I still join the site and participate in tasks?

You cannot join and perform a task if you are currently under 13 years old. You, however, can create a family profile and participate in some tasks as a family, like for example pet sitting.

9. How can I tell if people online are who they say they are?

When a household lists a task or teenager offers a skill we will validate them (through email/sms and payment information). 

10. What happens if things go 'wrong' - is MyPocketSkill responsible?

MyPocketSkill is an online community and we strive to create a safe environment for our community by providing safety suggestions and a safety framework.  However, as with everything online users have to take a cautious approach.  Most experts agree that education is the main way to ensure online safety and we provide information and guidance through onboarding and site moderation.  MyPocketSkill cannot assume any responsibility above and beyond this as things can and do go wrong, but we try to educate our users to help the community to stay safe.