How do I get paid?

For young people earning money through the platform: 

1. Firstly, sign-in and make sure you have added your payout information to your account.  You can find this by navigating to your profile and clicking on settings and then payments.


2. You will need to enter payout information. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The bank details (account and sort code) can be those of the young person BUT you will need to enter a parent/guardian's name and ID details if you are under 18, including name, address, phone number.  (Note: telephone numbers need to be entered in the format +44 without a zero at the front)

3. You will also be asked to upload two ID documents to verify your adentity and address (or parent's ID if you are under 18). 

Proof of identifity document can be a passport or driver license.  Proof of address document can be a utility bill (but NOT a telephone/mobile phone bill), bank statement, letter issued from a government institution or drivers license (if this has not already been used as proof of identity).  

This information is required to ensure our users are safe and trusted.  


4. Once ID documents have been added you may need to wait a minute or two before the information is processed, you will then see this message on your payment page:

  Bank account details configured successfully!  You can now receive payments.

5. After a task is booked on the platform, you will receive a notification on your account to accept the payment.  Then, when the task is complete the relevant household or business will mark the task as complete and the money will transfer to your account. You may need to remind them to do this. 


It may take up to seven days for money to transfer to your account once the task has been marked complete. 


How do I pay?

For households and business using the platform: 

1. We use a secure payment provider (Stripe) to manage all of our payments.  They keep all personal and account information highly secure and encrypted


2. The easiest way to pay is first to login to MyPocketSkill and click on the relevant listing from the young erson that you have selected for your task. 


3. Next, click on the "Request Task" button from the young person who is providing the task.  You will be asked to enter your card details at this point.  


4. If you do this before the session takes place, no problem, we hold the money and it is transferred to the young person only when you mark the task as complete at the end. 

5. Once the task is complete, you will receive a notification on the platform to mark the task as complete.  At this point the money is transferred safely using our payment service provider.   

6. Please remember to provide a review at this point too - it's a great way for young people to build their reputation with us and add to their CV.


Still have questions?   Email us on: