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If you’re looking for budding photographers to provide captivating content for your event or business, contact us and discover the capable young photographers in our Digital Teens programme.

Whether its capturing important moments, product photography, or social media and marketing content for your business, our teens have a wide range of skills and experience to help you out.

Finding the right person to match your requirements can be difficult, but through our quick and easy process, you will be matched with a well-briefed teen, ready to get started and provide quality content, all at an affordable rate with prices starting at £7.50 per hour.

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Danielle A

My name is Danielle Archibold. I'm offering to take photographs for you for whatever your needs are - whether that be product photography in order to promote your product and advertise, wedding photography to commerate your special day or even portrait photography for your instagram account! I'm currently taking an Extended Project in Photography as well as having an A* in GCSE as well as an extensive portfolio. Please feel free to message me :)
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Tom J

I am offering to take drone photography for any type of occasion. Drone photography can be particularly effective for advertisement of specific areas as the birds eye angle can look appealing. This type of photography works well for: real estate agents, events, surveying and other work that involves capturing an area or scene very well.
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Alicia S

I am offering photography. I am very interested in photography, i also take art photography as a GCSE that i am doing so i have i little bit of experience. I sometimes play around with different ideas for example, portraiture and taking photos of different products and using props like water and ice which i absolutely love
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Olivia J

I am offering to be a photographer for any occasion. I have been studying photography at school for 2 years and also have done photography as a hobby since I was 10. My favourite area of photography is animals and family.
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Freya C

I’m currently in year 13 studying photography A Level achieving grade A. I focus mainly on portraits and still life Photography. I would be able to do event photography when it is safe to as well as product or still life for companies products (which could possibly be done remotely) and finally portraits.
Offering In-person


Jessica B

I am offering wedding, event, portrait, landscape - essentially any form of photographic work as an affordable, reliable and professional service. As a trained photographer with previous work experience, I have photographed architecture in London, taken professional headshots for clients, and worked in almost all other genres of photography through my studies. References from clients and my portfolio are available upon request. I am currently studying Photography at A-Level with a Grade 9 (A*) in the subject. I am open to Zoom calls before in-person meeting or for discussing any ideas you may have. I also do and have done remote photographic work to save you time as a client without having to meet up. My price set will vary if I need to travel long distances to meet you due to travel costs / depending on the extent of the work you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information, or to see feedback and references from my previous clients. NOTE: Image attached is from previous client-commissioned work, taken and edited by me.
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Experienced youth

Hire photographers aged 13-22 in your area. Our young people are keen and relatable, perfect for photographing events, products and more.

Skilled and vibrant

Many of our young people providing photographers are skilled through previous experience, photography lessons or self-learning. Our young photographers are industrious and determined to find the perfect your shot.

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Affordable rates

Our prices are charged based on the age and experience of our photographers, thereby providing affordable rates for a range of budgets. Less experienced “Level 1” photographers can be booked from £7.50 an hour (remote photography), with more experienced photographers available for £10.00 an hour.

Create a listing and/or find someone

Describe your needs in a listing and either our platform will connect you with a range of photography choices or you can browse the platform for yourself.

Organise your session

Book a time and date to suit your availability. Most students offer the convenience of online one-to-one photography.

Complete your session

The young person will send you the dial-in details once the session is booked. MyPocketSkill deals with all of the communication, payment and reviews. We can step in to help ensure all goes seamlessly.

Why hire a young person?

MyPocketSkill is a social impact company. We are passionate about helping young people to gain experience in the world of work and to become more financially capable. By using our platform you are helping us in that mission.

Our young people are highly enthusiastic, hardworking and personable. To sign up to MyPocketSkill, they are required to go through a screening and onboarding process. We also use a system of levels, based on age, experience and re-bookings, to help you choose.

How do I book?

Our photography services are available both online or offline. The process of booking photography is simple. Just get in contact with a young person of your choice, or accept requests from young people who have contacted you, organise a time, date and session format you would like - whether it be a one-off-session or multiple sessions - and make booking. You can select based on their reviews, their profile and their listings.

How to hire well?

A few tips on selecting high quality photography.

Read through their profile: our young people have robust personal stories and experiences to share and they often write about this on their profile. Select a profile which you believe is believe to be relatable and with the skill sets which fit your requirements.

Read their reviews: our more experienced members often have reviews given by their past customers. Having more positive reviews are generally an indication of professional behaviour and that they have provided positive experiences to past clients.

Make a trial booking: It’s not expensive to book photography on MyPocketSkill. Booking an initial single session can be a great way to understand whether it’s likely to be a fit. Once you have found someone that works for you, it’s possible to make block bookings on MyPocketSkill, which many customers find more convenient.

How does payment work?

Payment is managed through the MyPocketSkill platform. Our community managers work hard to ensure a good, fair and equitable experience is had by both our clients and the young people on our platform. If you have any concerns during our lesson booking process, get in contact with our team, via message or online chat, and we can assist.

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