Connect your T-level students with a placement

Connect your T-level students with a placement


T-Level Placements

MyPocketSkill is working with T-Level providers across the country to source employers for the employer placement part of the course.

As a T-Levels provider you can access our team to help find suitable placements for your students. We support many of the current and proposed T Level pathways, wth particular focus on:

  • Business and Administration
  • Creative and Design
  • Digital
  • Education & Early Years
  • Legal, Finance & Accounting
  • Sales, Marketing & Procurement

How We Work With Providers

MyPocketSkill sources employer placements from across the UK for T-Levels providers. You can use our services as an additional resource, to help locate and secure your Digital T-Levels placements.

Our Services

MyPocketSkill helps providers to secure placements by:

Raising Awareness – We raise awareness and build employers’ understanding of Digital T-Levels placements

Sourcing Employers – We profile potential employers and use our platform to connect them with education providers and coordinate the end-to-end process to confirm a placement agreement.

Screening – Our community team undertakes a pre-screening to assess suitability, covering initial criteria such as willingness to host an onsite placement and fit with a day-release or block placement model.

Selection and Placement – Our platform assists T-Level providers and employers with candidate selection and reimbursement of expenses/remuneration.


Prices are £99.00 monthly price for an annual subscription, or £149.00 if paid monthly on a rolling basis.


  • Pre-screening of employers
  • Role scoping and introductions
  • 6 T Level Routes included
  • Students are typically paid

FAQs For T-Level Providers

How we work with schools and colleges

What kinds of employer placements do you source?

We support many of the current and proposed T Level pathways, with particular focus on:

✔ Business and Administration

✔ Creative and Design

✔ Digital

✔ Education & Early Years

✔ Legal, Finance & Accounting

✔ Sales, Marketing & Procurement

Can you support other types of T-Levels, placements or apprenticeships?

Although our principal areas of interest are the T-Levels above, students are welcome to sign up to our platform to connect with other types of opportunity. Also, do let us know about other placement gaps as we may be able to help out.

How do you find suitable employers for placements?

We utilise our own proprietary methods to profile potential employers and then pre-screen them for suitability. Ultimately it is the T-Level Provider’s decision on whether to progress with a potential placement and there is no obligation to accept a pre-screened placement that we present to you.

How much do you charge?

We charge schools & colleges a small monthly subscription to access our service (see sign up). As advocates of financial education, we also ask employers to make a small monthly paid contribution to the student, if they are able, which we agree with them in advance. Given that this is not a legal requirement, employers can choose to opt out of this process, for example if they are a small charity.

What information do I need to provide?

We track placement outcomes as part of our social impact reporting and hence ask providers to keep us updated on progress with placement starts. This also helps us to improve our service. We also produce case studies from time to time (with appropriate permission from students, providers and employers).

Technical Questions

How do you maintain information security standards and stay compliant with GDPR?

MyPocketSkill works with several government and public sector organisations and has passed rigorous standards for information security. We also ensure that appropriate permissions are in place when employers, providers and students sign up to our platform. Our uses of data are made clear in our privacy policy and platform T&Cs.

Who is responsible for Safeguarding/Duty of Care?

Employers are responsible for health and safety and there is a shared duty of care between the employer and training provider. Training providers are responsible for safeguarding and the welfare of students on industry placements and are expected to support employers throughout any placement (e.g., paperwork, setting goals etc) with a named contact.

Who do employers contract with, is it MyPocketSkill?

The placement agreement is between the college and employer. MyPocketSkill is an intermediary/facilitator in this process. If the role is paid (hourly or expenses) then we can administer this part of the process.

Sounds great, what do you need from us to get started?

Once you have confirmed that you are happy to work with us then we will typically have a short Zoom/Teams to discuss your current and future placement needs, we will then add your organisation to our database of supported providers and start to connect you with potential placements.

Other Questions? Contact our team at [email protected]

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About Us

MyPocketSkill is an award-winning UK technology company. Our social impact mission is to create an employment ready and financially capable Gen Z. We do this by connecting young people with opportunities to develop their skills and experience.

Young people gain real-world skills, become more employment-ready and develop the working and earning habits which set them on the right path for life.

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