MyPocketSkill is a digital technology and advisory company working in the fintech sector, founded in 2017.  Our overall vision as is to create a financially empowered GenZ.

​MyPocketSkill, a tech startup founded by two UK parents, connects teens with pocket money earning tasks and helps them to save towards their particular goal.

There are many tasks that can be done by teens - right now we particularly focus on 'teen tutoring', supporting work-from-home parents in the Lockdown by connecting their children with capable students for educational and engaging activities. The UK has over 4.1 million working parents/ carers working-from-home during the lockdown. Also, for there are around 1.5 million students who have had studies and exams disrupted. ​

At the very start of the lockdown we started with Zoom focus groups with parents and students to talk about the current problems they faced. We then developed a pilot version of the tool which we took to the recent EUvsVirus Hackathon (where this week we were selected as a finalist from 2,150 projects from people of 141 different nationalities). 

​Our solution generates a double impact, both to work-from-home parents, whose working lives are made more productive, but also for students, who are be able to gain experience and earn small amounts of money from the experience. For young people it provides an opportunity to gain skills, forge useful connections and become more employable.​

We also now have a great team of Student Ambassadors who would love to talk about their experiences losing out on exams and how this technology has helped them.​

Matthew and Zara, our founders, are always happy to give interviews and talk about the experience and benefits of MyPocketSkill