Community Guidelines

Our priority at MyPocketSkill is to support young people to gain skills and experience in a positive and safe environment.  In order to achieve this, all users of the MyPocketSkill platform must follow the Community Guidelines outlined below.  This includes our young people, families, small businesses and our staff.  The Community Team monitors the site and failure to follow these rules may result in the suspension, banning or delisting of your account. 

  1. Keep your content appropriate for our young community 
  • Don’t post anything that may be harmful to children or young people.
  • Don't post or solicit anything that is sexually suggestive or violent.  This includes indecent language, images or links to adult content.
  • Do discuss any listings that may be inappropriate for under 18’s with our Community Team e.g work involving alcohol, tobacco, gambling
  • Report any instance of evidence or harm immediately to our Community Team here or visit the NSPCC site here for further advice.

2. Keep all your communications on the platform

  • Don’t share any personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers or other contact details ( including your own) anywhere on the site.
  • Do use Zoom, Team or other online meeting platforms to conduct introductions, meetings or tutoring sessions. 
  • This is to ensure the safety of our community but also helps our Community Team intervene in the event of any issues or disputes. 

3. Keep all your payments on the platform

  • Do conduct all payments through the platform.
  • This is to ensure all payments and any disputes are settled in a timely manner and also allows our young community to move through the Levelling Up process that enables their rates to increase with experience and age.

4. Be polite, friendly and respectful with all other members and MyPocketSkill staff.

  • Be polite if you need to reschedule, cancel or decline a booking and provide a short explanation.
  • Be timely in your responses.  If you need to reschedule or cancel a booking - please provide at least 24 hours notice where possible.  
  • Be respectful of other commitments our users may have.  Young people may have education, family commitments and extra curricular activities so allow them the time to respond.  Be clear about dates for bookings and deadlines and communicate early if things need to change.
  • Be respectful of each other's opinions and their privacy.  MyPocketSkill values your privacy and limits the data shared on the platform as explained in our Privacy Policy.
  • Do provide constructive feedback when chatting on the platform.
  • Don’t bully, insult, patronise or belittle anyone on our site and don’t make personal attacks. 
  • Do not express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views. There’s no place for racism, religious hatred, sexism or homophobia here. 

5. Keep all your listings and communication relevant to the purpose of the site

  • Do not post the same content multiple times, within either a single or multiple categories.
  • For those listing a requirement – we ask you to remove the listing once the listing has been placed or if the task is no longer required. 
  • Do not spam.  We will remove any advertising or other promotional activity that does not have our explicit consent.   
  • Do not post referral links, codes or similar, which offer a benefit to you when another person uses the link/code to make use of a service. 
  • Do not campaign for votes or similar. 
  • Do not promote other/competing platforms or similar services. 
  • Do not attempt unauthorised use, disruption, or exploitation of or our other products and services, or otherwise abuse MyPocketSkill's resources. 

6. Do not use MyPocketSkill to assist with, condone or advocate illegal activity

  • This includes but is not limited to:
    • Deceptively obtaining personal information, fraud or phishing, discussion of joining terrorist groups or being involved in terrorist activity, copyright infringement (including torrents and unauthorised streams of copyrighted material), fake IDs and drugs that are either banned or (where not in a prescribed context) prescription-only. 
  • We’re a UK-based site, so the laws of England and Wales are our guideline for determining illegality, although laws from other countries will be considered if appropriate to the context of the relevant post. These guidelines also apply to content included in profiles, messages, listings and reviews.

7. Do not misuse secondary/duplicate accounts. 

  • We prefer that members do not operate multiple accounts on MyPocketSkill. 
  • If you have an account banned, the use of a secondary/duplicate account including posting, sending messages and leaving reviews is not permitted. 
  • Do not use an account to impersonate other members or otherwise deliberately confuse or mislead members. 
  • Do not use another account to abuse the review system for examples by self-reviewing or self-referring.

How do we monitor these Community Rules?

The MyPocketSkill Community and Support Teams monitor and moderate the site to ensure these Community Guidelines are being followed.  If we find anyone using MyPocketskill in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner, including the breaking of any of these guidelines:-

  • We will edit, delete or move any material that is posted on the site. For example we might edit or remove listings, reviews or personal data such as email addresses or phone numbers. 
  • We may restrict, suspend or terminate your membership or ban you from part or all of the site. 
  • We will issue a reminder or warning for minor issues and will let you know that one of your posts (or other contributions) has broken a rule and provide advice on how to work on the platform.
  • We will apply a permanent ban from the site for consistent and/or deliberate rule-breaking. An immediate permanent ban may also be applied at our discretion, related to rule-breaking, unauthorised commercial advertising or the misuse of accounts.

We do our best to ensure fair outcomes, but in all cases we reserve the right to suspend accounts, or remove content, without notice, for any reason, but particularly to protect our services, infrastructure, users, and community. We reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, these guidelines at our sole discretion, and these guidelines do not create a duty or contractual obligation for us to act in any particular manner.

These rules, in addition to our current Terms of Service, Booking Agreement and Privacy Policy, constitute the understanding between you and us, as to your use of MyPocketSkill, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.

Complaints or Concerns:

Our priority is a safe and positive experience for everyone using MyPocketSkill

  • If you witness any evidence of harm or inappropriate behaviour, report this immediately to our Community Team here or visit the NSPCC site here.
  • If you want to provide feedback or raise a concern or complaint relating to your experience on the MyPocketSkill platform, contact the Community team here. Note, we can only discuss warnings with the member receiving them, so please do not ask about other members' warnings.

Thank you for reading and adhering to these Community Guidelines.