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MyPocketSkill provides independent advice, consulting and research in youth policy, entrepreneurship and employability, alongside a focus on social impact and the digital sphere. Our team have a wealth of specialist knowledge and skills across the public and private sector and have worked on projects for the UK government departments, EU and innovation agencies as well as the charitable sector.


'Earning is Learning' pilot study, aiming to provide more young people with a meaningful financial education


The ‘Earning is Learning’ programme was expanded, as part of a pilot led by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) and evaluated by Ecorys. Findings from the pilot suggested that a learning-by-doing approach is an effective way to give young people the opportunity to earn money, improve employability and increase savings.

Read the study at this link.

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Connecting young people in Kent with pre-pandemic opportunities


Participated in the Reconnect Programme spearheaded by Kent County Council, aimed at connecting young people in Kent with pre-pandemic opportunities and improving their economic well-being. Following the end of the programme impact was measured by conducting quantitative and qualitative research, using data from our platform, survey results and case studies.

Read about our impact in the programme.

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Discovering effective methods for building financial capability in children and young people

Money Advice Service

Systematic review of evidence undertaken for the Money Advice Service in 2018 to establish effective methods for building financial capability in children and young people. As part of the review, relevant evidence was mapped according to intervention, outcome and robustness of evidence. The final report was used to inform future work in this sphere.

Read the systematic review.

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Supporting evidence-based cooperation through the Youth Wiki Project

EU Erasmus+

UK Policy lead to the EU on the Youth Wiki project. Youth Wiki is an online platform presenting information on 33 European countries' youth policies. Its objective is to support evidence-based European cooperation in the youth sector. This is done by providing information on national policies, structures and actions operating in support of young people.

Read about the National Policies Platform.


Reviewing the cost-effectiveness of the National Citizen Service flagship programme

National Citizen Service

Review of the National Citizen Service flagship programme, a Government-backed initiative that brings together young people aged 15 to 17 from different backgrounds, giving them the chance to undertake a programme of personal and social development and community action. We evaluated the value for money and the comparative costs of running the programme.

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Qualitative analysis of the access and participation plans of Higher Education providers

Office for Students

Qualitative analysis of access and participation plans for all Higher Education providers. Analysis involved coding the access agreements for 2018-19 and access and participation plans for 2019-20 and 2020-21 to 2024-25. Access and participation plans set out how higher education providers will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups.

Read the analysis here.


Exploring how fintechs can partner with social and community lenders to address financial exclusion


Research exploring how fintechs can form effective partnerships with social and community lenders in order to address financial exclusion in the UK. Using primary and secondary research, as well as own insight, to understand the landscape, and explore the opportunities and barriers for future collaboration between the two sub-sectors.

Read Nesta's report here..