Booking Agreement

1. Parties to the Agreement.

a. You acknowledge and agree that a contract (the “Booking Agreement”) is formed when a “Client” (the paying customer on MyPocketSkill) agrees on the terms of a Task with a “Teen” (the supplier on MyPocketSkill or their designated parent/legal guardian if under the age of 18). The Terms of the Booking Agreement include the terms set forth in this section, the overall Terms of Service proposed and accepted on the MyPocketSkill Platform, and any other contractual terms accepted by both the Client and the Teen to the extent such terms do not conflict with the terms in this section do not expand MyPocketSkill’s obligations or restrict MyPocketSkill’s rights under this Agreement. You agree that MyPocketSkill is not a party to any Booking Agreement and the formation of a Booking Agreement will not, under any circumstance, create an employment or other service relationship between MyPocketSkill and any other party.

2. General Conditions

a. The Client shall pay for completed Task services through the Website ( as indicated on the MyPocketSkill Platform at the rates agreed in the engagement terms. Each party agrees to comply with the MyPocketSkill Community Guidelines and Safety & Trust Guidelines during the engagement, performance and completion of a Task. Both parties agree to notify MyPocketSkill of any disputes prior to negotiation of or filing of any claims and to negotiate any dispute informally via MyPocketSkill representatives for at least thirty (30) days before initiating any proceeding between the parties.

b. Users of MyPocketSkill will be required to provide their account details to the Payment Service Provider (the “PSP”) retained by MyPocketSkill. Clients will be responsible for paying for each Task which will include (i) the pricing terms of the Task agreed with and provided by a Teen (“Task Payment”), (ii) any out of pocket expenses as pre-agreed with and submitted by a Teen in connection with the Task, (iii) any tip or gratuity, if applicable, (iv) VAT and service charges MyPocketSkill assesses for the MyPocketSkill Platform, variable based on the Task Payment amount. Payment is authorised and may be made to MyPocketSkill at the point of booking. However this can be cancelled and refunded, subject to the terms of our cancellation policy, see below.

c. When Client receives confirmation through the MyPocketSkill Platform or via email that a Task has been completed, Client automatically authorises MyPocketSkill to provide Client's payment details to the PSP for processing of Task Payment, out of pocket expenses owed to Teen, and the service charge and platform fees owed to MyPocketSkill for the use of the MyPocketSkill Platform. You may be charged a cancellation fee through the PSP if you book a Task, but cancel it before it is completed, as set out in the Task pricing terms.

d. MyPocketSkill reserves the right, in its sole discretion (but not the obligation), upon request from Client or Teen or upon notice of any potential fraud, unauthorised charges or other misuse of the MyPocketSkill Platform, to (i) place on hold any Task Payment and out of pocket expenses, or (ii) refund, provide credits or arrange for the PSP to do so.

e. Task Payment and fees must be paid through the PSP as indicated on the MyPocketSkill Platform. In the event that Clients engage the services of a teen outside of the MyPocketSkill platform, and where Clients are engaging the Teen in a corporate, business or freelance capacity, a release fee of £195 will be payable.

f. Users of the MyPocketSkill Platform will be liable for any taxes (including VAT, if applicable) required to be paid on the Task services provided under the Agreement (other than taxes on MyPocketSkill’s income).

g.The MyPocketSkill Platform is only a venue for connecting Users. Because MyPocketSkill is not involved in the actual contact between Users or in the completion of the Task, in the event that you have a dispute with one or more Users, you release MyPocketSkill and its affiliates (and their respective officers, directors, agents, investors, subsidiaries, and employees) from any and all claims, demands, or damages (actual or consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

3. Cancellations

a. MyPocketSkill’s aim is to support young people in early experiences of work, and hence we endeavour to operate with flexibility, but we do also have clear policies for Teens and Clients in the event of last minute change-of-plans, lateness or no-shows.

b. Guidance for Clients. With the exception of subscription-based bookings, clients are permitted to cancel and reschedule a booking any time up to 12 hours before a booking start time, at no additional charge. This can be undertaken on the platform through a booking cancellation/rebooking and/or a messaging request, via the platform, to reschedule. However, any bookings cancelled within 12 hours of the start time can be charged at the full agreed price. When this happens, we notify both parties about this. In the event of a late start (where the Client is late), a Teen should:

i. Remain on the call or at the relevant location for at least 15 minutes

ii. Attempt to contact the client via the MyPocketSkill platform and able to evidence this or otherwise evidence any late cancellation or no-show.

c. Guidance for Teens. Teens may sometimes need to reschedule a booking due to unforeseen events and occasionally may forget to attend an agreed session. We request that teens convey any rescheduling requests as promptly as possible. Where a request cannot be accommodated or where a Teen has been late / no-show for more than one occasion, we permit a refund of all related fees relating to any missed and, if requested, subsequent sessions. Teens cannot charge a Client in full if the Client decides to cancel a booking after the start time as a result of a Teen being late for a booking.

4. Subscriptions.

a. For some services, such as Social Media, MyPocketSkill will apply charges on the basis of a monthly subscription.

b. Customers agree to a recurring subscription payment at the point of booking, which can then be cancelled at any time by email, SMS or platform request. In the event that a subscription service is cancelled, one full month's notice of cancellation is required.

c. Price changes for subscription-based services are normally applied on an annual basis and customers are notified about any price changes with at least one month's notice of these changes applying.

5. Liability

a. MyPocketSkill expressly disclaims any liability that may arise between users of the MyPocketSkill platform.