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Host a placement for a skilled Digital T Level Student

Hosting a digital T Level student is a great way for businesses to connect with digital talent, gain new perspectives and get extra resources and support.

Digital T Levels are new technical qualifications, providing young people with digital skills and experience, with 80% of time spent in the classroom and 20% with employers. Connect with students who can code, offer help desk support, data analysis, and other digital skills to grow your business.

There are three Digital T levels which we support:

  • Digital Production, Design & Development (“Software”).
  • Digital Support (“Hardware”).
  • Digital Business Services (“Data”).
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Student capabilities

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Help desk and IT support

With dedicated support from a Digital T level student, you can ensure any technical issues your employees encounter are effectively resolved, greatly increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

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Web & software development

Whether you need a website, application or game development, a Digital T level student can develop a solution that meets your exact requirements. Grow your customer base with great products.

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User experience (UX) design

Hire a Digital T level student to help you create user-centred design solutions that enhance user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Improve engagement, retention and loyalty.

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Data analysis

A Digital T level student can gather, analyse and interpret complex data, and help you discover valuable insights. Identify trends, patterns, and relationships within your data to inform key business strategies and initiatives.

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Networking support

A digital T Level student can help design, implement and maintain a robust and secure network infrastructure that meets your specific business needs. Ensure the stability and performance of your network.

Cybersecurity facility


Protect sensitive data and prevent costly security breaches through dedicated cybersecurity support from a Digital T level student. Identify vulnerabilities and implement best practices to secure your network and systems.

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Why host?

Flexible format

Placement models can vary according to your needs, you can choose to host a digital student for 1 or 2 days a week, or full-time. The total placement length is 315 hours (45 days).

Students need to be hosted on site during placement days, however, flexible and hybrid working models are available, so you can decide what works best for you.

Affordable rates

Hire tech talent for prices 60% below market rates. As a placement host, we recommend that you provide a small monetary contribution to cover the costs of the placement and to help motivate your student (costs listed below).

Note that there is government support available to help cover the cost of the placement.

Committed students

Digital T Level students have completed a variety of educational modules as part of their course. Connect with students that can code, offer help desk support and many other skillsets.

Employer placements are a compulsory part of the Digital T Level. Digital students come equipped with a wealth of technical knowledge, ready to assist your business.


We recommend that students are paid according to the placement model:

1 day per week Part-time for 45 weeks
£186 / month
Incl. VAT & admin fee
2 days per week Part-time for 22 weeks
£310 / month
Incl. VAT & admin fee
Block project Full-time for 10 weeks
£471 / month
Incl. VAT & admin fee
Flexible day rate Custom pricing
£46.50 / day
Incl. VAT & admin fee
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How we work with employers

We are funded specifically to support Digital T Level programmes. Typical employer placements include:

  • Digital Production, Design and Development (software, web and app development and testing)
    • Students learn the core knowledge and skills that are needed for entry to a range of digital occupations.
  • Digital Support (IT Helpdesk, infrastructure/network implementation and support, cybersecurity)
  • Digital Business Services (data handling, analysis and presentation)
Although our principal area of interest is Digital T Levels, we have over 50,000 young people signed-up to our platform. Do let us know about other resource gaps as we may be able to help out.
We support all the schools, colleges, sixth forms and HE providers in the UK which offer Digital T Levels. We coordinate between employers and colleges and we use our digital platform to streamline the process.
Once you have confirmed that you are happy to work with us then we will typically have a short Zoom/Teams to discuss your current and future digital skill needs. You can then sign up to our platform (this is free and takes about 3 minutes) and we can then start to connect you with potential students.
From April 2023, you can apply for the employer support fund to cover the costs of set-up, equipment and staff training associated with the T Level placement. As an employer, you can claim up to £25,000 across all your T level placements and via all providers. The fund is available between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024.
If you've had your call with us or are ready to start connecting with students, you can sign up to the platform here.

Technical questions

At MyPocketSkill, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards of information security and ensuring full compliance with GDPR. We have consistently passed various information security and safety thresholds required for both local and national government programmes. Our commitment to data protection and security remains unwavering, providing our users with confidence in the safety and integrity of their information.

As part of our agreement, we require information about placements handed over to providers and employer agreements signed through these referrals. We will provide information about this when we hand over a placement.
You will not be required to set up PAYE to hire a T Level student. Payment can be completed through the MyPocketSkill platform.
You might have to provide a laptop for your placement student. In some cases, the school or college may be able to provide a laptop with appropriate software. Of course, the software would have to work for you. If this is an option, curriculum staff can work with you to organise the technical set-up. Talk to your school or college about possible funding opportunities that might cover costs such as setting up or enhancing internal IT and organisational systems to support delivery, and equipment, materials and supplies directly related to the industry placement.
Employers are responsible for health and safety and there is a shared duty of care between the employer and training provider. Training providers are responsible for safeguarding and the welfare of students on industry placements and are expected to support employers throughout any placement (e.g., paperwork, setting goals etc) with a named contact.
The placement agreement is between the college and employer. MyPocketSkill is an intermediary/facilitator in this process. If the role is paid (hourly or expenses) then we can administer this part of the process.
Signing up to the service is free. The cost (prices listed above) will only be accrued once the student and yourself have been connected for a placement.
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