Discover capable young people to help with your retail business

Retail trade is booming and many retailers are looking for extra help to meet customer demand.

At an affordable rate, our teens can help out with a few extra hours during your busy periods or can fill empty shifts, if you're struggling to keep the doors open.

We manage all the headaches of payment and we use a matching process to help connect you with our community of young people.

Young man working in bike shop

Experienced youth

Get help from young people between the ages of 13-24. With many of our young people having previous experience in retail environments, our diligent and hard-working young people are a surefire way to grow your business.

Skilled and vibrant

Many of our young people providing retail are skilled through previous experience or demonstrate diligence through their volunteer work and education. Our young retail workers are hardworking and determined to provide a positive experience.

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Girl handling clothes

Affordable rates

We have provide affordable rates for businesses. Retail rates £6.50 with more experienced young people costing more per hour. Find your ideal worker today!

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