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Looking to earn money from your musical skills?

On MyPocketSkill, you can offer your skills to households where young people are learning an instrument, singing or need help with theory or technology.

It's easy. Simply sign up, create a listing, and begin browsing the wide variety of music tutoring opportunities available on the platform.

The MyPocketSkill team supports you on your journey through an initial onboarding session, matching you to suitable tutoring and other types of work, and providing on-hand support from our Community Manager.

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Young people on laptops

Experienced youth

Get lessons from young people between the ages of 13-22. This can be a great way to build engagement and enthusiasm in music.

Skilled and vibrant

Many of our young people providing are skilled either through grades or through their experience in . With tutors having recently learnt the content they’re teaching - the content is fresh, up-to-date and accurate.

Young people on laptops
Young people on laptops

Affordable rates

Our prices are charged based on the age and experience of our tutors, thereby providing affordable rates for a range of budgets. Less experienced “Level 1” tutors can be booked from £5 to for 45 minutes, with more experienced tutors available for higher grades or theory.

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