MyPocketSkill, an-award-winning Gen-Z platform, selected for Tech Nation’s Fintech Programme, as one of the UK’s leading scale-ups


MyPocketSkill, an-award-winning Gen-Z platform, selected for Tech Nation’s Fintech Programme, as one of the UK’s leading scale-ups.

London, 5th October 2021

MyPocketSkill, a Gen Z digital platform, which enables teens to Earn, Save and Learn about money, has been selected to join Tech Nation’s Fintech Programme an exclusive network of high-growth UK fintech companies. The programme is funded by the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports and aimed at accelerating the growth of successful UK scaleups through insight sessions and networking events with key stakeholders and established fintech entrepreneurs.

Zara Ransley, MyPocketSkill co-founder says:

“We are really pleased to be selected by Tech Nation to be part of the programme in recognition of the growth we have achieved so far and work we do to create a more financially capable GenZ. We have been growing our user base by 20% MoM and now have over 10,000 users on our platform. We look forward to connecting to the financial services ecosystem in the UK with the aim to further accelerate our growth and becoming a household name for financial education, earning opportunities and teen finance”.

About MyPocketSkill

MyPocketSkill’s mission is to create a financially empowered Gen Z. Set up by two parents in 2017, Zara Ransley and Matthew Harker, who identified a gap between young people’s desire to earn money flexibly and lack of opportunities available for them to do so and importantly the resultant impact on financial education and building essential financial habits. MyPocketSkill applies an interactive, learning-by-doing approach, which connects teens to tasks through three programmes, Teen Tutors, Teen Sitters and Digital Teens, and allows young people to save the money they have earned towards their savings goals on the platform, through the help of behavioural nudges.

MyPocketSkill benefited greatly from funding from Innovate UK, UK innovation agency, including Zara Ransley, being awarded Women Innovation Prize, 2021.

In 2020, MyPocketSkill launched a UK-wide innovation pilot with the Money and Pensions Service to test financial education approaches for young people, as part of a £900,000 UK government funded programme. Aimed at creating ways to improve financial literacy, the pilot is part of the government’s goals to help two million more children and young people receive a meaningful financial education by 2030.

About Tech Nation

Tech Nation is a growth platform for tech companies and leaders, bringing together a network of people and stakeholders in order to collaborate in building the technological innovation that will improve the future for the UK and beyond.


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