MyPocketSkill announced winners of Santander X Global Challenge to enhance education, employability and entrepreneurship

Santander X Global Challenge

London, 12th June 2024

MyPocketSkill has been announced as one of the scale-up winners of the Santander X Global Challenge: Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship at an awards ceremony in Malaga last night.  Recognised for our innovative solution that promotes access to education, improves employability and strengthens entrepreneurship, MyPocketSkill has been awarded financial and community support to help scale our Gen Z platform. 

Matthew Harker, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, said “This award from Santander X will amplify our growth ambitions as we gear-up to work with over 1m young people in the next 3 years.  We know that the levels of financial literacy worldwide are catastrophically low but to have been recognised by  a leading global financial institution who shares our mission is really exciting.” 

Zara Ransley, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, said “Like all scale ups who experience the ups and downs of growth, it’s rewarding to see that our platform for young people has once again been recognised as one that promotes access to learning, helps improve employability and strengthens entrepreneurship through our core mission of financially empowering young people."

Up against nearly 1,000 other scaleups from 11 other countries including Brazil, Spain and the USA, Matthew Harker and Zara Ransley were presented with the award at the Digital Enterprise Show in Málaga last night.

Video from the Santander X Global Challenge:


About MyPocketSkill

MyPocketSkill is an award-winning GenZ platform for financial education.  We enable  13-24 year olds to Earn, Save and Learn about money (and soon Invest) with the help of behavioural science.  MyPocketSkill addresses the decline in opportunities for young people that enable them to gain financial independence and employability skills.  

MyPocketSkill has seen impressive 15% month-on-month growth currently with over 120K signed up users and looking to reach 250K by the end of 2024.  MyPocketSkill and its co-founders have already achieved notable success, most recently winning the prestigious European Institute of Technology ‘Digital Champion of Europe’ award.

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About Santander X Global Challenge

In collaboration with the Oxentia Foundation, Banco Santander launched a new global challenge to find solutions that promote access to education and lifelong learning, help improve employability, empower companies to spot top talent, strengthen entrepreneurship, promote sustainable growth, and aid startups to efficiently access key resources.

This initiative aims to help companies working to change the world where technological advances and work dynamics make support for education, employability, and entrepreneurship essential.

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