Social impact investor brings growth funding to over £1.25m

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London, 10th November 2023

Having completed a funding round earlier on in the year, MyPocketSkill now welcomes additional investment from a number of sources, including The Lightbulb Trust - a social impact investor who invests in game-changing organisations that support improvements in education, mental health & wellbeing, and employment.  These investments bring our aggregate investment to over £1.25m (including dilutive and non-dilutive funding) and will be used to continue the growth of our Earn.Save.Learn platform, which recently celebrated its 100,000th user.  In particular we are enhancing our user experience with automation and analytics to help our users make the best connections with our young community.

Ben Holden of The Lightbulb Trust said "MyPocketSkill is a groundbreaking initiative that is poised to change the way young people learn about, earn and save their money. By leveraging innovative behavioural science principles, MyPocketSkill is helping to create a more equitable future for young people, regardless of their background. We are thrilled to support MyPocketSkill in its mission to improve the financial lives of 1 million young people in the UK."

Matthew Harker, co-founder of MyPocketSkill said “We are delighted that The Lightbulb Trust and others have joined our impressive list of investors aiming to impact young lives for the better.  At the same time we are celebrating 100k users on our platform, so this is a great time to capitalise on our success so far and bring an even better user experience to the platform. The investment that The Lightbulb Trust has provided will further ensure we can meet our goal of 1m users in the next 3 years.”

About MyPocketSkill

MyPocketSkill is an award-winning technology company with a vision to create a financially empowered Gen-Z. It supports young people (13-24 y.o.) to earn money, establish savings goals and become more employable and financially capable.

In 2020, Matthew Harker and Zara Ransley, two parents with backgrounds in digital technology and finance and impact investment, launched the MyPocketSkill platform to address the decline of opportunities for teenagers to gain financial independence and employability skills.  Now, in 2023, MyPocketSkill’s earning and saving platform has seen impressive growth, with over 100,000 sign-up users, 15% month-on-month growth and generating platform and contract revenues. MyPocketSkill and its founders have already achieved notable success, with Zara winning the prestigious Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation award and MyPocketSkill being named as London & Partners SVC2UK scale-up and part of Grow London’s latest global cohort. To find out more, visit:

About The Lightbulb Trust

The Lightbulb Trust empowers people to change their lives for the better. Through a combination of grant-making and impact investing, Lightbulb supports initiatives that enfranchise society’s less advantaged. To find out more, visit: