We’ve done it! Celebrating 100,000 users at MyPocketSkill

1K celebration post-2

London, 12th October 2023

We’ve done it! Last month we celebrated 100,000 platform users on the MyPocketSkill platform! We could list out a load of data to show how far we’ve come (did we mention 15% MoM growth or the fact that the top teens earn more than £2000 with us?) but the real story is of young people like Muskan, Gwil and Alice whose skills and money confidence have skyrocketed since joining MyPocketSkill.

Take Mille M, who having earnt £1000 in 4 months as a music tutor said “The money is just a drop in the ocean … I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the importance of saving money, and how to budget, in order to make my finances go further." Or Muskan who got her first job after signing up to MyPocketSkill. “I started with tutoring …and started calculating my earnings, and how much to save v.spend. My confidence with budgeting has increased …and has made me feel more independent.”

And on top of this, it’s the durable skills and incredible opportunities our young community are gaining as a result of connections made on the site.  

  • Alice, one of our popular maths tutors, is using her time with MyPocketSkill families to prepare her for a career in teaching mathematics.
  • Gwil's social media skills have developed so much he is now supporting a number of small businesses. “Two years ago I’d be laughing if you told me that I could run social media for business but it’s all thanks to the awesome MyPocketSkill.”
  • What about Esther F, who in the space of 12 months joined as a social media manager, then gained the confidence to tutor maths before then hosting a live online financial education event with finance creator Timi Merriman-Johnson aka Mr MoneyJar!
  • And finally Alice B, who like many students used MyPocketSkill as a way to finance her uni costs and is now auditioning for jobs in the performing arts . “In all honesty, I’m not really sure how I would’ve made it through university financially without discovering MyPocketSkill.”

So as we reach 100K users, THANK YOU for following us, for supporting us, for investing in us and most importantly for supporting our young people as they earn, save and learn along the way. Our mission to create a financially empowered Gen Z goes from strength to strength....

Check out this GREAT VIDEO by some of our young people explaining what they love about MyPocketSkill.