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Teen Tutors

Our Teen Tutors programme connects highly capable and motivated young people with paid online tutoring opportunities in academic subjects (Maths, English, Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Music, Design, Technology and Art) and at all levels (KS1, KS2, GCSE, A-Level). Teen Tutors can help with ongoing home work and with exam preparations (11+, 13+).

Teen Tutors also help with music lessons (eg. piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, drums, clarinet, flute, ukalele and music theory); LAMDA drama and musical theatre; singing; dancing (jazz, tap, contemporary, street, classic); coding (Scratch, Python, HTML coding and gaming, such as Minecraft and Roblox) as well as chess and Rubik's cube.

The Teen Tutors programme provides a vital service to parents, offering much welcome supplementary homework support, whilst also giving young people the opportunity to earn money and develop skills in a wide range of areas. The programme has experienced huge growth in 2020 and 2021 as a flexible, easy and rewarding way to gain experience and use skills. The re-booking rate of 96% with parents providing near 100% positive feedback is a testament to its success.

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Digital Teens

Our Digital Teens programme connects Gen Z digital natives with corporate opportunities. Our corporate clients examples are varied and include the BBC, an EdTech company Zzish, a charity H'arts in Mind, a law firm and start-up Just Add Water. They all have availed of the wide range of digital skills our teens have to offer, such as social media management, content creation, photo and video editing, graphic design, data analysis, business admin, user research, data entry and more.

The Digital Teens initiative has a double impact. It targets the facilitation of practical, hands-on experience in corporate and entrepreneurial environments for young people, whilst providing businesses and charities with affordable access to Gen Zs' marketing insight and native digital skills.

Our programmes also offer crucial teachable moments in financial education for young people. By connecting young people to opportunities to earn money, acquire skills and set savings goals, MyPocketSkill encourages young people to practice positive financial habits from a young age.

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Teen Sitters

Teen Sitters connects capable and responsible young people to paid babysitting and pet sitting opportunities in their area. Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the UK, MyPocketSkill are re-introducing our highly successful Teen Sitters programme which not only connects families to babysitters, but ensures the highest safety and communication guidelines for everyone involved. Make sure to read our guidance and blog for information on babysitting safely.

As well as babysitting, Teen Sitters encompasses our enthusiastic young pet sitters too. It's estimated about 3.2 million households across the UK acquired new pets over lockdown! Our teens are on hand to help with looking after your pets - for walks, cleaning, playing, and anything else you might need. Whether it be a once off arrangement while you're away or on a weekly basis to help you with your busy schedule, our teens are flexible and on hand to help.

Levelling Up

We operate a Levelling Up system to make sure young people, households and businesses get the most from our platform. Find out more here.