Social Media Guide

How to get hired for social media tasks on MyPocketSkill

Connect with Prospective Customers

Firstly, sign in and make a listing that offers your social media services. Please include your experience in the title and a description of your skills and any qualifications. We encourage you to reply promptly to messages received on the platform - this will help you plan the times and days for your social media tasks, and help you earn as much pocket money as possible for yourself.

Create full profiles with examples of experience and portfolio

Having a good profile will really help you to stand out and look more attractive to customers! In your bio, make sure you include as much relevant information, including things like an introduction to your portfolio, a description of your experiences and any relevant courses you take, and reviews that you might have already received!

Meet the customer on Zoom

Once you have a task request, the customer may want to meet you briefly to discuss the task and get to know you. This can be done over Zoom. You can find details on how to conduct a Zoom meeting on our How It Works page here. This is to make sure you’re both on the same page regarding what is expected in the task, as well as to obtain all the information you’ll need to carry out the task - like the type of business, length of the task, etc.
The customer will no doubt want to be reassured you are responsible and capable of the task. It is important that all communication regarding the task is kept on the platform, this is to keep you safe and in order to settle any disputes.


Once you transact for Social media, we will ask the customer to send you the details and procedures for the task.

To make sure your posts are up to quality expectations, use this Social Media Content Checklist before publishing:

  • Professional attitude: communicate ethically and respectful to your customer and your customer’s audience.
  • Ethic: make sure the information shared is respectful, inclusive and accurate.
  • Proofread: read careful to detect any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar.

Use Free Online Resources to Skill-up 

These are some of the best free social media marketing courses.  Register for these courses to improve your skills or acquire new ones. If you are new to this and want to strengthen your social media skills, you should definitely try a few of these courses. 


Digital Skills: Social Media by Accenture

Social Media Management

A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Business by Facebook ( 20 minutes)

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Tutorial: Creating Remarkable and Engaging Instagram Content

Learn How To Build Your Personal Brand On TikTok

Social Media Training for Beginners (a series of blogposts)

In this series of posts, you can check out more tips and good practices


Competitive Analysis

Template for Competitive Analysis:

Social Media Market Research

Design creation:

Canva for Social Media

Tools for Content Creation

Hubspot Instagram training course

Take the Hubspot Academy's Instagram and Social Media Marketing Course to earn a certification for the next level.

Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy


Choose the courses that interest you the most and give them a try. If you don't like the materials or program, you can always switch to another one, which is all free.

Don't forget to be reasonable and polite when using social media for work and happy learning!