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How to Become a Social Media Manager

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Get hired for social media tasks on MyPocketSkill

Connect with Prospective Customers

Firstly, sign in to MyPocketSkill and post a listing that offers your social media services. Please include your experience in the title and a description of your skills and any qualifications.

Then check out the latest customer listings for social media tasks - we get several new requests every day so make sure to check back often! Regular communication is essential. We encourage you to reply promptly to messages received on the platform - this will increase your chances of getting hired (the best tasks are often snapped up very quickly) and will help you to plan the times and days for your social media tasks. It also helps to make sure that customers are happy and well-informed about progress.

Create full profiles with examples of experience and portfolio

Having a good profile will really help you to stand out and look more attractive to customers! In your bio, make sure you include as much relevant information, including things like an introduction to your portfolio, a description of your experiences and any relevant courses you take (see below), and reviews that you might have already received!

Meet the customer on Zoom

Once you have a task request, the customer may want to meet you briefly to discuss the task and get to know you. This can be done over Zoom - so please send them a Zoom meeting link for this. You can find details on how to conduct a Zoom meeting on our How It Works page here. This is to make sure you’re both on the same page regarding what is expected in the task, as well as to obtain all the information you’ll need to carry out the task - like the type of business, length of the task, etc.
The customer will no doubt want to be reassured you are responsible and capable of the task. It is important that all communication regarding the task is kept on the platform, this is to keep you safe and in order to settle any disputes.


Once a customer books you for Social media, they will normally meet you on Zoom to discuss the details and procedures for the task.

To make sure your posts are up to quality expectations, use this Social Media Content Checklist before publishing:

  • Professional attitude: communicate in a way which is in keeping with your customer’s audience.
  • Ethic: make sure the information shared is respectful, inclusive and accurate.
  • Proofread: read carefully to detect any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar.

Following-up and Managing the Account

It's essential to provide regular updates about your progress with the customer. We recommend that you schedule a frequent check-in with the customer (at least weekly) and that you ask for regular feedback on how you're doing.

We have a great Template that you can use to manage your social media tasks. You can download or make a copy of this template.

Many of our customers will want to book a young person to manage their account on an ongoing basis. This is great but we don't want you to become too overloaded. Therefore, we normally ask young people to only take on one customer for the first month. Once everyone is confident that it's working well, you can then take on two additional customers in the second month, and a fourth customer in month three. Bear in mind that very occasionally, if customers are unhappy, we may need to refund part or all of the payment, hence the importance of regular communication and feedback.

Use Free Online Resources to Skill-up 

Although you may already be an expert Instagrammer or Website developer, we encourage you to improve your skills through some extra training too. These are some of the best free social media marketing courses.  Register for these courses to improve your skills or acquire new ones. If you are new to this and want to strengthen your social media skills, you should definitely try a few of these courses. 


Digital Skills: Social Media by Accenture

Social Media Management

Hootsuite Training Course

SocialBee Resources

SproutSocial - Learning Courses

A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Business by Facebook ( 20 minutes)

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Tutorial: Creating Remarkable and Engaging Instagram Content

Learn How To Build Your Personal Brand On TikTok

Social Media Training for Beginners (a series of blogposts)

In this series of posts, you can check out more tips and good practices


Competitive Analysis

Template for Competitive Analysis:

Social Media Market Research

Design creation

Canva for Social Media

Tools for Content Creation

Hubspot Instagram training course

Take the Hubspot Academy's Instagram and Social Media Marketing Course to earn a certification for the next level.

Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy


Choose the courses that interest you the most and give them a try. If you don't like the materials or program, you can always switch to another one, which is all free.

Don't forget to be reasonable and polite when using social media for work and happy learning!

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Helpful resources:

Here are some awesome tools that might be useful for you - some of them you may already be using.

🎨 If you need to create beautiful designs quickly, Canva is the perfect place to start! You can sign up here.

📈 For keeping up with the latest TikTok trends, we have a fantastic Slack app that you might be interested in!

🎥 Need some high-quality free stock videos for your projects? Pexels and Coverr are two great options to explore!

📆 For a free scheduling tool and in app Instagram are great.

📝 And finally, if you’re looking for a productivity tool that can help you stay organised and focused, is a fantastic option!