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Babysitting Guidance

Older girl and younger child

How To Find a Babysitter

Find a Suitable Young Person

To find a teen who is suitable for the task of minding your children, simply browse our listings in your area. Please note teens under 15 years old cannot do babysitting tasks. As well as this, our teens can not babysit for those under three years old. Our young people can be available to babysit during school holidays, evenings and the weekend. Please contact the teens via the platform - this helps us keep them safe and ensure transparency if there's any disputes.

Meet the Teen via Zoom

Once you have found a suitable teen for your task, you can meet them on Zoom and see if they're the right fit for you. You can also use this time to exchange all the necessary information needed for the task as well as to make sure you’re on the same page of what’s expected for the task.

Emergency Information

We will need all emergency information once the task is transacted. *please see form below.

*Form for Emergency Information

Teen Sitters Emergency Contact Form

How To Become a Babysitter

Connect with Prospective Families

Firstly, sign-in and make a listing that offers your babysitting services. Please include your area in the title and a description of your childminding experience including the ages of the children you have cared for, whether you have a paediatric first aid qualification, and if you are DBS checked. We encourage you to reply promptly to messages received on the platform - this will help you can plan the times and days for your babysitting tasks, and help you earn as much pocket money as possible for yourself. Make sure you encourage your customers to pay through MyPocketSkill - we can only level you up to a higher pay scale if the work is booked through us.

Meet the Families on Zoom

Once you have a task request, the family may want to meet you briefly to discuss the task and get to know you. This can be done over Zoom. You can find details on how to conduct a Zoom meeting on our How It Works page here. This is to make sure you’re both on the same page regarding what is expected in the task, as well as to obtain all the information you’ll need to carry out the task - like the ages and capabilities of children you’ll be babysitting, length of task, etc. The families will no doubt want to be reassured you are responsible and capable for the task. It is important that all communication regarding the task is kept on the platform, this is to keep you safe and in order to settle any disputes.


Once you transact for babysitting we will ask the family to send you the emergency contact details and procedures for the babysitting.

DBS Check

It may strengthen your profile for Babysitting if you are DBS checked. You can find more about this process here. To complete a DBS check, you will need your addresses for the past 5 years, your National Insurance number, passport details and driving licence if you have one.

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