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How MyPocketSkill Works

The site is simple and intuitive to use:

All messaging and payments can be arranged through the site

Check out the local tasks on offer to earn pocket money


Earn pocket money, get references and acquire new skllls

Piano Tuition £5 for 45 mins
Roblox Studio £5 for 45 mins
GCSE Spanish Tutoring £5 for 45 mins
Origami Classes £5 for 45 mins
Maths Tuition £5 for 45 mins
Virtual Dance Classes £5 for 45 mins
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Safety and Trust

The safety of our users is our paramount concern.  



All users must be verified before they are able to post new listings on the site



We ask parents to be involved throughout, including dual email addresses, we also have community guidelines 



We encourage communication and transactions through the site so that users can keep phone numbers and email addresses private



We provide guidance and tips for all users on aspects of safety and we support Safer Internet UK  

Programmes and Awards

Programmes and Awards

Programmes and Awards

Partners and Customers

Entrepreneurs on MyPocketSkill

“This is such a compelling idea. Providing social and community good, whilst also helping the needs of time constrained parents is really exciting. Where this really takes shape is that engagement and buy in of young adults to leverage off their skills, education and learnings. Hugely supportive.” 


—  Andrew Evans, Founder & CEO, Smart Pension