Help for work-at-home parents and young people as MyPocketSkill awarded fast-track Innovate UK funding

May 19, 2020

MyPocketSkill, a provider of digital services in the field of youth finance and employability, has been awarded funding by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to provide online services to parents who are struggling to work-from-home and skills-building experience to young people whose lives have been disrupted by COVID-19.


Innovate UK has earmarked £40 million of government investment to fast-track the development of innovations borne out of the coronavirus crisis while supporting the UK’s next generation of cutting-edge start-ups – helping to build the businesses of tomorrow and propel their future prosperity.


Since lockdown began, MyPocketSkill has been adapting its business model to meet the changing needs of the UK public. This funding will enable MyPocketSkill to do so on a larger scale.  MyPocketSkill will be growing its digital platform to connect parents who need help for their children so that they can work at home effectively, with capable young people, who are able to provide all types of support, from music and art lessons, to dance, drama,

homework help and other digital and creative, skills.

Class 2020: Resolution Foundation says Covid19 significantly worsens prospects of school-leavers

May 11, 2020

This week, our Youth Policy Analyst Ciara attended the Resolution Foundation’s “Corona Class of 2020” webinar. Here Kathleen Henehan discussed the results of her latest research on the impact of COVID-19 on young people. This report is truly striking and made us stop in our tracks here at MyPocketSkill. 


The report looks at how previous recessions have affected young people, and how the current lockdown and consequent following recession could affect them in the future. The research found that the “Coronavirus effect” to unemployment is expected to reduce a low-skilled education leaver’s chance of being in work by more than a third. Additionally, overall, it is estimated that an additional 640,000 young people in the UK could find themselves unemployed in this year alone. 


Overall it is certainly clear that there are major challenges in store for young people over the coming years. Though government policy will dictate the levels of such challenges, we also think it’s important to enhance young people’s work experience through creating a nurturing setting for skill development and promoting financial capability. This is our core ethos at MyPocketSkill. Since lockdown has been implemented, our overall takeaway through our work with young people is one of resilience and resourcefulness. We aim to foster this through our campaigns and support young people in taking small effective steps towards further education and employment.

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MyPocketSkill appointed by the BBC to provide participants for user testing and digital research

March 10, 2020

MyPocketSkill, a provider of strategy and digital services in the field of youth finance and employability, has been appointed as a supplier to the BBC to provide design Research Participant Recruitment framework services.  MyPocketSkill will be working with the BBC’s User Experience and Design department to identify, recruit and deliver participants for a range of design & research programmes. 


Assignments will could span across a range of digital products, including Children’s, Education, Radio and Music, iPlayer, Interactive TV, News, Sport and Weather.  

MyPocketSkill is a digital technology and advisory company founded in 2017.  Our vision is to create a financially empowered Gen Z.   


MyPocketSkill is awarded project funding by Coast to Capital LEP Area Growth Grant Programme

February 04, 2020

MyPocketSkill is delighted to announce that we have been awarded project funding in a form of a partially funded grant by the Coast to Capital LEP Area Growth Grant Programme, through the Local Growth Fund initiative. This grant enables us to develop a new fully featured version of MyPocketSkill product that will enhance user experience by using a leading-edge design thinking and allow us to scale outside of our pilot locations.


MyPocketSkill is a digital platform and youth consultancy group that helps GEN Z to become more financially capable by connecting them with local tasks and encouraging them to save towards their goals.


The Local Growth Fund is government funding awarded to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) for projects that benefit the local area and economy. As part of this fund the Coast to Capital LEP Area Growth Grant Programme is being delivered under the Business Finance scheme which has a funding pot of £3.5 million for 2019-21. For more information please go to:

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From paper rounds to global empires: empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

November 01, 2019

In her guest blog for Octopus Group, our co-founder Zara Ransley offers her unique perspective on whether entrepreneurs are born or bred.

MyPocketSkill - We're Recruiting Teen Ambassadors!

April 11, 2019

We are currently recruiting Teen Ambassadors - so if you want to make a mark at your school or college and earn money by promoting MyPocketSkill to your friends and families, then please see here.  

MyPocketSkill - Finalist at the Global Edtech Awards

January 15, 2019

The Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESA) is an initiative led by a group of leading education innovation organizations from across the world. The Awards identify, showcase and recognise the world's most promising EdTech startups for 2019.  After appearing in the semi-final of the competition in Autumn 2018 we are now delighted to have been invited to the finals of these awards in London in January 2019.   With over 1,200 applications to these awards we think it's a great achievement for the MyPocketSkill team and we are the only UK company to be represented at these finals.  

MyPocketSkill - UK Representative to the EU on Youth Policy

September 24, 2018

MyPocketSkill appointed as UK Youth Wiki Policy Correspondent to the European Commission.  


A European Commission funded initiative to share information and policy relevant to children and young people, to improve the knowledge and evidence-base for future youth policy and research.

MyPocketSkill, a provider of strategy and digital services in the field of youth policy, financial capability and employability skills, has been appointed as UK Correspondent to the European Commission (EC) on youth policy.  MyPocketSkill will provide 27 participating countries, the Commission and other stakeholders with timely updated information on youth policies and contextual information on young people across the UK.  The UK Correspondent team will provide comparable, accessible information for policy-makers and academics and will assist in supporting policy actions and broader cooperation in the field of youth within the European Union, as part of the Erasmus+ programme.


Information is shared on a best-practice and knowledge sharing tool, Youth Wiki, which provides a comprehensive and regularly updated source of information, policy priorities and the wider landscape for youth across all participating countries.  The programme will support improved knowledge across eight fields of action: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, participation, voluntary activities, social inclusion, youth and the world and creativity and culture.


Matthew Harker, MyPocketSkill Director, said:


“We are delighted to be a central part of this important programme, which has the potential to deliver a step-change in the way that EC countries think about youth policy.  There is a huge amount to be gained in providing clear and accessible information to help broaden our understanding of what works and to inform and shape future policy.”




Other Information:


MyPocketSkill is a social impact company specialising in strategy and digital services for young people.  Our team provides information and services to those formulating evidence-based policy.  We also provide a digital platform to connect children and young people with opportunities to earn pocket money and use their skills to gain experience.


Erasmus+ is a European funding programme for Education, Youth, Training and Sport. The Youth specific element of the programme is divided into three key actions to support:

  • Young people and youth workers participate in international exchanges to develop new skills, volunteer and or learn about different European cultures and practices.

  • Organisations are granted funding to pursue innovative collaborations with EU partner organisations and share best practice.

  • Funding to encourage young people to participate in Structured Dialogue, or youth voice activities that will influence domestic and or European Level decision makers.

MyPocketSkill Publishes Research on What Makes Children & Young People Financially Capable

October 07, 2018

What really makes children & young people more financially capable? It is all in the findings of the report that we were commissioned to write by  the Money Advice Service. The report (based on hard evidence) develops 10 themes and a map, highlighting the strongest evidence and the gaps - it is aimed at policy makers, professionals, parents and young people alike. 

MyPocketSkill working with Office for Students

September 30, 2018

MyPocketSkill is delighted to be working with the Office for Students.  The OfS is the independent regulator of higher education in England.  It aims to ensure that every student, whatever their background, has a fulfilling experience of higher education that enriches their lives and careers.  One of their roles is to ensure that access to higher education is opened-up access all parts of society, including neighbourhoods where participation rates are historically low.  Our work with OfS will help them to understand what Universities and FE Colleges are doing about access and participation, and hence help to shape future policy priorities.  

MyPocketSkill is a finalist in The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge 2018

May 13, 2018

MyPocketSkill has been short-listed as a finalist in The Cool Initiatives Education Challenge from over 130 companies, who took part. 

Other 5 finalists include EdVal, timetabling software company, Flash Academy, a language support service for asylum-seeking children, LovEdtech, set up by a teacher Jodie Lopez - The EdTech Ninja Superhero!,  Teacherly, a rapidly expanding lesson planning platform and Studentnomic, a school app design company led by three entrepreneurial A-level students! 


There is a £10,000 prize for the winner and £5,000 for the runner up.  

Zara Ransley, MyPocketSkill co-founder said: 'It is very exciting to be in the finals with Cool Initiatives. Firstly, as many companies took part and we are now firmly on the EdTech map. Secondly, there is a chance to win a cash prize and funds are much needed when you are a growing start-up. We will use the funding towards our marketing pilot, where we tool up teens to promote themselves through the platform.' 

MyPocketSkill backed by Innovate UK

February 04, 2018

MyPocketSkill is excited to announce that we have been successful in securing a funding award from the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK.  This funding, part of the Design Foundations programme, will help us to apply leading-edge user-centred design thinking to our platform. We are in the process of selecting a specialist creative design agency to assist us in delivering a programme which will give us an even better customer experience and stronger brand identity. 

MyPocketSkill working with the Money Advice Service

July 10, 2018

MyPocketSkill is delighted to be working with the Money Advice Service (MAS) - set up by Government to offer unique and essential help with money - to help understand the evidence behind what works to build financial capability of children and young people.  Our work reviews the available evidence and provides an input to MAS in its thinking about what to commission in the future. 

MyPocketSkill at Varndean College Apprenticeship Fair

March 12, 2018

MyPocketSkill spent a day at Varndean College in Brighton at their Apprenticeship Fair. It was great to speak to students about their plans and we received some really positive feedback.

MyPocketSkill launched in Brighton & Hove and Hertfordshire at 14 months ago and now has over 1000 users. 

About MyPocketSkill is a platform, which helps teenagers to earn pocket money and acquire real-life skills.  The site is FREE to sign-up and it connects teens with local families and businesses to do tasks such as social media, IT, babysitting, dog walking, academic/music tutoring and sports coaching. The solution provides an opportunity for teenagers to earn flexibly, fit in around studies and exams, and gain valuable experience to build their CV or university application.

It has been a year!

January 26, 2018

It has been a year since MyPocketSkill launched the platform that connects young people, aged 13-19, with paid and volunteering opportunities, in two pilot locations of Brighton and St Albans. Today we are at Bett show, one of the largest education technology events of the year, attending alongside 850 leading companies, 103 exciting start-ups and over 34,700 attendees. We say onwards & upwards!

Linking up teens with tasks to boost entrepreneurial skills

November 13, 2017

MyPocketSkill has recently been covered by Brighton and Hove Independent in an article titled: 'Linking up teens with tasks to boost entrepreneurial skills'. 

An online platform matching teenagers up to tasks for families and small businesses has been piloted in Brighton and Hove. MyPocketSkill was set up by Brighton resident Matthew Harker and his colleague Zara Ransley from St Albans, and the pair have piloted their app in their home towns this year.

Read more at:

MyPocketSkill to participate in UCL EDUCATE Programme

November 06, 2017

EdTech start-up, helping teenagers to earn pocket money and acquire skills, awarded a place on a UCL programme backed by F6S, The Education Foundation and Nesta.


MyPocketSkill is excited to announce that it has been chosen to participate in UCL EDUCATE programme, backed by a number of key industry players.


The £4.5m EDUCATE programme, funded by European Regional Development fund, aims to bridge the gap between education and technology, bringing together EdTech companies and EdTech researchers. It is housed in UCL Knowledge Lab in central London.


As a result of recently awarded funding from Innovate UK, MyPocketSkill has been focusing on applying user-centric design to the platform and has just completed a series of focus groups with 80 teenagers in Brighton and St Albans as well as with families and businesses. Zara Ransley, co-founder of MyPocketSkill, said: “The programme is very timely as we are in the process of iterating our platform to better respond to the needs of our users. The programme participation will further help MyPocketSkill to test and refine new ideas and fast-track its plans for expansion across the UK”. 


MyPocketSkill launched in Brighton & Hove and Hertfordshire at the beginning of the year and is on track to acquire 1000 users by the end of the year, with hundreds of teens signing-up to the platform.

About MyPocketSkill is a platform, which helps teenagers to earn pocket money and acquire real-life skills.  The site is FREE to sign-up and it connects teens with local families and businesses to do tasks such as social media, IT, babysitting, dog walking, academic/music tutoring and sports coaching. The solution provides an opportunity for teenagers to earn flexibly, fit in around studies and exams, and gain valuable experience to build their CV or university application.

EDUCATE is a collaboration between UCL, F6S, The Education Foundation and Nesta. It is a £4.5 million initiative funded through European Regional Development Funding.


For further information visit

MyPocketSkill focus groups bring insights into making platform more user-centric

October 11, 2017

MyPocketSkill mission is to create an environment where young people, aged 13-19, use and enhance their skills, develop competencies, discover their entrepreneurial flair and get to know better their local community. We do that by connecting them with paid and volunteering opportunities. 

To do that well we need to learn what young people, their parents, businesses and local community are looking for in our platform. This is why MyPocketSkill spent the last few weeks running a series of focus groups with different audiences, formats and settings, speaking in total to 97 users, including 70 young people at BHASVIC college in Brighton. We had great insights and now look forward to deploying them to make MyPocketSkill more user-centric.  

Zara Ransley, co-founder of MyPocketSkill, said: 'Our users are a great source of ideas and feedback on what works and what does not. It was in particularly good to speak to so many young people and to learn what is important to them and how we can try to improve their user journey.' 

Youth Careers Workshop

August 08, 2017

MyPocketSkill delivered a successful Youth Workshops event in collaboration with 8 other charities and social enterprises on 8-9th August.  MyPocketSkill co-hosted the event that was made possible by the newly formed Youth Sector Collaboration Board in an initiative started by One Degree and 16 other social enterprises and charities.

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