Ambassador Spotlight: Bilaal Ashfak

Nov. 29, 2021


Hi! I’m Bilaal, I’m 17 and from West Yorkshire. I’m currently in my second year at Sixth Form and I study A Level Business, Maths and Economics.

I currently volunteer for my local rugby club, Batley Bulldogs, in which I assist with planning and running activities in our local area with an aim to unite the community through sport. I always try to work on building my networking skills and that is one of the reasons why I joined MyPocketSkill.

Currently, I am a tutor and content creator on MyPocketSkill and have completed many tasks. I love the platform as it lets me complete tasks in my own time, hassle free payment system and it is simple to use. I have been able to develop more independence, flexibility and better time-management through using the platform which are key skills for all teens to have nowadays.

I am also one of Novembers Brand Ambassadors for MyPocketSkill. It is an exciting role as it involves helping promote the amazing platform locally and online. As an ambassador, it is our role to help the platform get a better reach through creative ideas such as content creation. I enjoy the role as a brand ambassador because it has given me an opportunity to work with a Fintech company and meet new people and build on my networking.

I would strongly recommend this platform because there is something for all!