How Jake Grew his Teaching and Time Management Expertise

Feb. 28, 2023

Jake musician

Jake, a musician from London, reflects on his experience teaching music on MyPocketSkill. Alongside being able to supplement his earnings, Jake has used his time tutoring to develop time management skills and teaching capabilities.

Jake is a 22-year-old musician, based in Greenwich. After completing his degree at the BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music) Institute, he is “currently attending an internship at Soho Sonic Studios where I’m training to become a music producer and audio engineer”. Alongside his internship, Jake is also teaching guitar, bass and ukulele in schools, and through online and face-to-face private lessons. 

He found out about MyPocketSkill while still at university. “There was a post that went out saying the company was looking for young people interested in teaching”, says Jake. His interest was piqued further when he found out that MyPocketSkill was looking for music tutors to deliver lessons through Zoom. As this was similar to the work Jake was already doing, he decided to sign up. 

Getting booked was a quick and easy process, “I started messaging parents looking for guitar tutoring, one of them responded and I very quickly got my first booking that same week”

Through his work on MyPocketSkill Jake has been able to increase his income as a self-employed guitar teacher. Using his eWallet on the platform has allowed him to start putting money aside from his MyPocketSkill earnings, towards buying his first car. “By keeping a portion of my earnings in my eWallet I’ve been able to grow my savings”, says Jake.

Balancing tutoring on MyPocketSkill with other commitments has taught Jake how to manage his time effectively and stay organised. “Some useful tools that I like to use are Google Calendar and Google To Do List, these have allowed me to set up schedules and timetables to follow.” He has also found that scheduling in regular lessons and colour coding up-coming events means he knows exactly what his plans are for weeks and even months ahead. 

Aside from time management skills, through tutoring, Jake has also gained experience teaching students of different ages and skill levels, learning how to communicate with each individual child and ensuring his content resonates with them. For others who are considering joining MyPocketSkill, he advises “if you feel that you have a skill which you want to share with others you should definitely sign up and get some teaching experience. Sharing your knowledge and skills with someone can be a very rewarding experience. You never know, this could play a vital role in helping you decide whether you would like to continue teaching in the future and make it a career.”