How Darren Gained Followers and Improved Engagement for his Financial Coaching Social Media Accounts

Jan. 23, 2023

Darren blog photo

Darren, a Financial Coach, shares his story of using MyPocketSkill to connect with a teen social media manager, who has helped him grow his social media presence and following.

Darren is a Financial Coach and qualified Financial and Mortgage Adviser. He first found out about MyPocketSkill when he was approached to take part in an Instagram Live session in summer 2022, hosted by MyPocketSkill. He says, “being interviewed opened my eyes to the value MyPocketSkill offers for young people.”

He signed up to MyPocketSkill to find support with social media marketing. Darren was particularly interested in “the ability to work with energetic and motivated young people to help with my social media presence and grow my brand across different platforms.”

The teen social media manager Darren connected with has helped him identify ways to  grow follower numbers on numerous social media platforms, as well as helping to create more engaging content. “The biggest benefit of joining the platform has been the ability to leverage the social media skills and creativity of the young person I hired.” 

In the past month, Darren’s Instagram has reached 9.6K accounts, with his user engagement going up by 49,000%.

When asked if he would recommend MyPocketSkill to other households, Darren says, “yes, I would and I have.” He recognises that he can only speak from his own experience which has been extremely positive, remarking that “for my current situation this has been perfect.”

In terms of providing opportunities for young people, Darren believes that MyPocketSkill is a great platform, “particularly for motivated young people”. This is because it engages those students and young people who want to differentiate themselves from their peers and grow their expertise. It provides opportunities to those who want to do something entrepreneurial. Their success pushes other young people, who might be on the fence, to also try their chances. “For this reason, I hope that MyPocketSkill will continue to grow in strength and numbers.”